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人們總說,只有懶女人,沒有醜女人,胖不是件壞事,但是如果影響到健康與身心,胖的確會為人生帶來不便,但是胖這件事情,已經不是愛黛兒Adele給人的標誌印象了,半年成功瘦身19公斤,一掃離婚陰霾,現在的愛黛兒Adele開啟了人生的新頁。 即使歌迷苦等不到新專輯釋出,但是近期愛黛兒Adele成功瘦身的消息,也讓全世界的粉絲為之一振,瘦身有成的愛黛兒Adele比起過去肉肉的身材,似乎五官更加明顯,並且氣色更好了。 即使歌迷苦等不到新專輯釋出,但是近期愛黛兒Adele成功瘦身的消息,也讓全世界的粉絲為之一振,瘦身有成的愛黛兒Adele比起過去肉肉的身材,似乎五官更加明顯,並且氣色更好了。 j

What Is the Zone Diet and Is It Healthy?

What Is the Zone Diet and Is It Healthy?Dietitians sound off about eating Zone blocks, and whether this could be your secret to weight loss and health success. For the past 25 years, millions of people (including Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, and many, many more) have signed on to follow the Zone Diet, created by Barry Sears, Ph.D. […]

The Miserable Story of How I Lost 25 Pounds in 6 Weeks

Whatever form your particular regimen takes—a revamped diet, a rigorous exercise program, or some combination thereof—if it really works, you are probably going to hate every minute of it. Trigger warning: This essay contains mentions of eating disorders and calorie restriction. Please proceed with caution. “I’m concerned,” said Amy Gorin, a New York-based nutritionist. I […]