Do not deny yourself chocolate. It is quite difficult to completely exclude sweets from the diet, and it is not necessary. Just replace the pies, cookies, and cakes with a few slices of dark chocolate.

Always start your meal with a glass of water. This will help maintain a water-salt balance. And due to the fact that water will take a place in the stomach, a feeling of fullness will arise a little earlier than usual.

Change products. Try replacing familiar foods with their lower-calorie counterparts. Many of our eating habits are just habits, nothing more.

Eat slowly. Simple tip to help you learn to eat less. The fact is that usually the signal of saturation comes from the stomach to the brain with a delay, so we by inertia eat a little more than we should. Just take your time and listen to your feelings.

Determine the optimal serving size using the hand rule. Remember that you need to do this before the food is on your plate, and not after. It is much easier to immediately pour yourself the right amount of food than to persuade yourself to then leave too much.

Have dinner early. Make sure that dinner is not too plentiful – not more than a quarter of daily intake – and not too late. Failure to follow these two simple rules causes digestive upsets, obesity, and trouble sleeping.

Walk more Use the moments when it is possible to refuse public transport or a car, and walk a couple of kilometers on foot. Stop using the elevator, it’s also a great workout.

Sleep more. Lack of sleep can cause a chain reaction in the body, which provokes an increased appetite.

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